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Capsag’s Digital Marketing offering provides an Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions to clients across multiple domains. We do an in-depth analysis of your products/services and the key drivers of your business to understand your business goals and KPIs.The insights gathered helps us to develop a custom digital marketing solution to create value for your business. We are a result driven organization delivering solutions for Branding, Lead Generation and Online Reputation Management by leveraging Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media marketing, Email marketing, Content Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Channels. We conduct timely Digital Marketing Audits to track our progress and update our objectives using Data Driven Analytics.

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Target your audience

Digital Marketing gives you the tools to develop your audience segments and target them through multiple channels for Branding and Lead Generation

Develop Insights

Digital Marketing efforts and their results are tracked via analytics, thereby helping us in developing Business Insights which can be used to further improve upon our strategy


Digital Marketing lets you target people using personalized content and channels to best attract to target segment, to gain maximum conversion rates.

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Search Engine Optimization

Target and attract relevant traffic to your website using a well-rounded SEO Strategy. Capsag provides affordable on-page and off-page SEO services, along with Enterprise SEO. Capsag’s complete suite of SEO Services makes sure that your page ranks at the front in the Search Engine Results Page

Search Engine Marketing

Capsag’s SEM Services covers all leading search engines Google Ads, Bing Ads to build campaigns optimized for maximum conversions.

Social Media Marketing

Multi-Channel Social Media Campaigns to start a communication with your target audience for branding, using innovative and creative campaigns to capture the attention of the audience and engage with them.

Email Marketing

The workhorse of the digital world as it has the widest reach. Capsag offers a complete suite of email marketing campaigns: onboarding, abandoned cart, promotional and lead generation mails