Training and Development

To remain in the marquee, operational methodologies need to be overhauled regularly or on timely intervals on an organisational level. This can only be achieved by timely interventions of training imparted within the organisation to strengthen the workforce and to keep them in par with the competition that is constant. However, organisation themselves within don’t have the potential to upscale or to upgrade themselves on an immediate go when the need has built up. This is the reason why, organisations reach out to Capsag who has the capability to deliver on an immediate go being a recognised training organisation. Besides being a training organisation, it dedicatedly needs to keep upgrading its training capabilities, Trainers and other modules on a regular basis to match up with the changes building up and as per the requirement the overall world is shaping itself towards.

This benefit thus gets passed on to the required organisation where the training gets to be imparted even on the shortest notice. Capsag over the years has got itself evolved in providing organisations with many off-the-shelf, need of the hour relevant, intricate operational necessary technical trainings. This services in the Training & Development arena of Capsag has enabled organisations to become self-reliant with the changing times by making their fresh/existing resources be induced with all requisite skills and knowledge that they need to acquire, to withstand their markets competitiveness and challenge galore.

Analysis and Assessment

We will fully engage with you, your employees and work environment to get deep insights. We want to understand your strategic goals, gauge your HR challenges, identify skill gaps, and find out what’s holding your business excel.

Curriculum Development

We use an approach that respects the availability and learning styles of your employees, allowing them to pick and choose activities and modules that work for them while still delivering the learning they want and need.

Approval and Implementation

We’ll establish a schedule for rolling out the training and set benchmarks for completion. All this is done in full consultation with and approval from you; we will also keep you fully updated on the progress of each and team.


Every training package we design includes an evaluation component. We evaluate your employees’ learning through testing and balanced assessment; you and your staff also assess us through our training feedback forms. Thus, bringing a complete 360-degree approach to training and feedback.

Our Success Story


Our expert trainers, immensely experienced across various professional spheres, equip us with the resources to conduct training programs across many domains like BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing, BPO’s & IT


Soft Skill/Behavioural Training is a means of ensuring that employees improve skills and enhance performance by focusing on professional development. These trainings acclimatise new employees; teach new skills to current employees for the same job, and advance employees into jobs requiring different skill sets.


After carefully analysing the market, your company and your people, we provide a range of programs that are meant specifically for your organisation to enable its workforce to improve on all professional fronts. Our expert teams of industry specific trainers are focused on advancing every program participant towards the same goal at an equal pace.


Our programs are transposed onto the digital realm, which provides alternative avenues to employees to be part of our enriching training program. Anyone, anywhere- once confirmed as a participant, can have access to and learn from our online Training programs