Key goal of OzAsia Solutions is to unleash huge value for people and organizations by smart application of Digital Technologies. A key obstacle is “lack of skills” (depth and breadth),among the current large pool of industry professionals as well as students & faculty. Our aim is to help you (the champions) to remove this hurdle.


Develop skills among students and professionals in the area of Digital Technologies that are transforming industry and society. Specific technologies include AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, IOT, Augmented Virtual Reality, Robotics, Mobile.

Develop innovative and disruptive industry solutions and business models by applying emerging Digital Technologies, working with industry professionals, students and faculty

Skills Development

Training in Digital Technologies and their application to create innovative and disruptive industry and society solutions – for Universities, Colleges, Skills Development Centers, Professionals and Management teams in organizations

Solution Development Service

Solution development services using DigitalTechnologies End-to-End (Architecture, Design, Delivery)

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